Technology implementations involve a lot of risks. An error in implementation can jeopardize your organization’s ability to deploy an integrated suite of technology that is capable of delivering a superior level of customer satisfaction. With our System Integration Services and System Deployment services, we ensure to mitigate the risks that are associated with failed technology implementations.

We secure your success through the implementation of system integration services for enterprise systems from major software vendors, both on premises and in the cloud (SaaS). By focusing on technologies that cut across the value chain, we understand the overall Enterprise Architecture to integrate and deploy application functionality that meets your business requirements.

System Integration Services

System Integration Services – Our Approach

Transform your IT environment for improved availability, reliability, performance and security

Applications or devices may be the focus of a new IT initiative, however, to achieve your business objectives, you must have a resilient, high-performing and continuously available network.

We can create a network that enables your IT infrastructure to adapt to rapidly-changing business needs and emerging technologies, be it a traditional IT or a hybrid cloud environment. Our vendor-agnostic approach and skills in leading technologies help you to design, deploy, monitor and manage a security-rich and optimized network.

Balancing Value, Cost and Risk

We offer a global, end-to-end, integration solutions and support that provides a single point of contact and accountability that helps mitigate risk, and provides well managed implementations. Our Systems Integration & Deployment Services help improve your ROI/TCO along with enhanced performance, integration, control and security.

System Integration Services – Key Features

Our experience with enterprise systems implementations has equipped us with the expertise to minimize the disruptions and encourage fluidity. Our senior project consultants will remain onsite for the duration of the project to ensure clear communication between internal and external stakeholders, and to address key concerns involving cost containment, scope management and benefit realization.

Our Integration & Deployment processes include:

  • Gap-analysis between current state and proposed changes
  • Training within the affected processes in the software development cycle
  • Change management and extended project management
  • Customized services to optimize your end-user environment
  • Onsite support

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