Project-Based-Staffing-ServicesOur project based staffing services is specifically designed to address the staffing needs of a specific role or project by providing you talented resources that can fulfill your immediate or temporary needs. You require an adept and qualified team to successfully accomplish your project on time and within the specified budget. ExterNetworks has an extensive high-quality talent pool across a range of disciplines. Our professionals work efficiently to bring your project to fruition.

ExterNetworks takes a comprehensive approach to project based staffing services. We execute the management of an entire team’s timely onboarding and off-boarding, knowledge transfer, technical training and HR responsibilities. Our agile methodology enables complete flexibility and includes localized and globalized resources, as well as people working onsite and offsite to achieve the budget, technical and timing demands of meeting your organization’s market opportunities.

ExterNetworks’ project based staffing services model is entirely transparent, with a deeper level of engagement than conventional contract staffing. We are fully equipped to handle all the subtleties of your next IT project, including:

  • Sourcing/Hiring Candidates

  • Project Management

  • Onboarding/Off-boarding

  • Technical Training

  • Human Resources

Our Value Proposition – Project Based Staffing Services

  • We provide you with competent individuals to work on a specific project or a specific role within a project.

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