content-management-systemToday, many companies use a set of tasks for portal design and development services and activities to accomplish business goals. They document procedures, control, and compliance. Earlier, IT applications were designed and implemented with a rigid interface to maintain the structure and sequence of these documents while users felt constrained by how they could access such information.

It is now necessary for businesses to provide a radically different and more flexible approach since content drives IT solution design and development.

A portal typically collates data and information from diverse sources; presenting it to the user in a uniform and consistent way. They work in conjunction with one or more content management systems to source, consolidate, translate, and present content to users.

An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system acts as the backbone of collaboration and is comprised of methods, processes, tools, technologies and strategies to organize, store and manage the content throughout its lifecycle.

We provide robust solutions that include but are not limited to web information portals, e-commerce portals and knowledge/information microsites. Among our services are extranet and intranet portals, enterprise search, portal design and development services, portal maintenance.

Our dedicated ECM team provides a full spectrum of content management solutions along with industry-leaders such as OpenText, Microsoft SharePoint and so on. Our solutions span content management, image capture, customer communications and enterprise search. Our processes follow industry standards and best practices and offer proven integration with enterprise applications (ERP/SCM), digital security and directory servers.

Key Features-Portal Design and Development Services

We use a structured enterprise-content management (ECM) framework organization that will help develop a well-defined process and system for capturing, distributing, storing and managing unstructured content end-to-end.

Our full spectrum of expertise in portal design and development services  includes:

  • Enterprise Portals: Customer Portals, Supplier Portals, Employee Information Portals

  • Enterprise Content Management: Document Management, Digital Asset Management, Web Content Management

  • Support and Maintenance: Migration/Upgrades across ECM Products, Enterprise Helpdesk support, User Training, Administration

  • Security of portal data – This is an increasing concern among all businesses where hackers steal data such as credit card numbers and customer information, perform fraudulent transactions as well as stealing data for unscrupulous competitors who want to know your business plans, pricing, promotions and other confidential information – so we take it into serious consideration when architecting your ECM

  • Flexible and efficient content management – A website or a portal is only as good as the content it displays. Many excellent websites fall by the wayside as maintaining the content is too difficult or time-consuming or expensive.

Your ExterNetworks Advantage

We provide consulting, analysis, design development, integration, migration, and testing services, portal design and development services, content management solutions to our clients across multiple industry verticals.

  • Customer-centric web experience that involves prospect throughout the customer lifecycle

  • Unified solution for multiple touch-points

  • Personalized applications in a contextual fashion

  • Targeted content management solutions with improved relevance and effectiveness

  • Portals that allow quick and easy dissemination of business-critical information

  • SEO Compliance

Technology Stack

Our solutions span various CMS and Portal products such as: Autonomy (Interwoven), Oracle UCM, Oracle WebCenter Interaction (BEA ALUI), OpenText (LiveLink, Vignette) Websphere Portal, Alfresco, LifeRay, and Joomla. We have experience of building solutions with rich social and web 2.0 features. The solution offering is enriched by our expertise in User Experience and Customer Analytics.

  • Java, J2ee, jQuery ,JavaScript, .Net, Drupal, Joomla, Ajax, DonNetNuke, Php, Struts 2, Spring MVC, Ruby, GWT, JSF, JSON, SOAP, and Java RMI.

  • DataBase: MySql, Oracle, Sql

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