onsite-service-deliveryDriving innovation and ensuring business continuity requires a change in the way we deliver services. Research shows that the most effective way to bring about these changes is to establish a relationship and rapport with our customers and their employees. We therefore partner with you, based on your needs and assign on-site engineers at your workplace. This improves employee’s engagement with IT deliverables and compliance. Our Onsite service delivery model range in scope, size and duration and are highly customized to meet your needs.

We offer, Onsite Service Delivery Model in two ways:

1.Project-based Onsite Services

This type of service is also known as fixed price delivery model. It is mostly applied to projects with well-defined project specifications, tightly controlled timeline, and inflexible budgetary constraints. There is no requirement for knowledge retention between projects and therefore the service engagement remains confined to the project lifetime.


After we receive the requirements specifications from you, we take the following steps:

  • Comprehensively analyze the client requirements and project specifications to provide a Statement of Work (SOW) that includes an estimate of time, effort, and schedule

  • Communicate the estimate to you along with a project delivery schedule for the complete product development

  • Enter into an agreement with you once both the parties agree on the SOW and cost estimate

  • Predictable costs of Testing-as-a-service model

After we receive the requirements specifications from you, we take the following steps:

Project-based Onsite Service Advantages

  • You will know in advance the exact project budget based on a well-defined scope and timeline

  • Face-to-face dealings with you to facilitate continuous interaction and to enable us to have a clear understanding of what you expect from us

  • We can obtain first hand information by understanding the scenario at your workplace

  • Reduce communication gap

  • Strict budget and scope control

2.Time-based Onsite Services

For many projects, the exact specifications and requirements are not clearly defined at the initial stage. As a result, the specifications, requirements and design tend to continuously change during the project – thereby changing the project timeline. Our Time-based Onsite Services model offers greater flexibility – you can develop the project specification on an ongoing basis and change the specifications based on new requirements.


Our partnership approach helps us to align with your vision and objectives and increase their business value as follows:

  • We use a transparent approach to adhere to strict project management and reporting practices

  • Time sheets are generated on a regular basis for each resource that is working on the project. We also ensure to communicate concern on incrementing project scope and budget to you. The time sheet reports using the agreed daily rates are charged to you

  • Cost of project in this model depends on the team size and the effort involved

  • Payments are made on the basis of monthly invoice that is issued to you

Time-based Onsite Service Advantages

  • You have the flexibility to modify their software system anytime in the course of project execution

  • Freedom to increase or decrease team size to reduce development time and cost respectively

  • You can monitor progress of the project via regular work reports

  • Joint control and follow up on project status will benefit you and ExterNetworks

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