onshore-service-deliveryIT development services were traditionally delivered offshore – in low-cost locations such as India, South America and so on. But an increase in demand for such services by clients has resulted in use of more refined service delivery models – including the use of onshore and/or near-shore locations. With a maturing market for IT development, there is no longer a restriction to cost-saving benefits – as more and more clients accept that the use of onshore service delivery model brings efficiencies, value addition and quicker delivery of high-quality services.

With factors such as data-protection laws and operational cost inflation, some of the development services make a compelling case for the use of onshore service delivery model. In some cases, clients are simply more comfortable with this model at a slightly higher cost as it offers them more accessibility.

Our onshore service delivery models are remote services delivered by our developers based in your local country and time zone. For onshore onsite services please see On-site Service Delivery. You can leverage all Onshore Service Delivery or as part of a Hybrid Delivery Model

Key Features – Onshore Service Delivery Model

  • Rebalance your IT sourcing portfolios to reduce geographic risk and improve quality

  • Address issues related to quality, reliability, cost and time to market that are increasing due to offshore staff
    attrition and visa challenges

  • You need greater speed and nimbleness to get things done — agile development, prototyping and solutions require closer collaboration and proximity

  • Supply IT with more robust skill sets, capabilities and geographic footprints

  • Provide alternatives in your time zones, and see onshore and near-shore delivery playing greater roles

  • Help bring jobs back to your country

Onshore Service Delivery Model Advantages

  • Maximize ROI with highly skilled local resources

  • Retain control of critical business functions and ensure provider accountability

  • Data protection, regulatory compliance, and mitigate risks

  • Creates local business value and quality jobs with a proven governance framework

  • Encourage partnerships with government, industry and higher education

  • Ease of access by providing time-zone synchronization Reduces costs by 20-30% by streamlining processes

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