offshore-service-deliveryAs per the industry consensus, more simpler and routine services can be delivered via the offshore service delivery model more cost effectively and efficiently. The pool of IT professionals is significantly higher in India than the onshore locations such as U.S. and Europe – and the salaries of such professionals are lower in India than their counterparts in these onshore locations. India has a more matured and developed outsourcing sector in technology and a process-driven work approach that offers a viable solution in certain types of IT outsourcing services. These cost savings cannot be ignored and is a more pragmatic choice for high volume services.

In this Offshore service delivery model, the entire project is accomplished in an offshore development center, located in a different country. Your team will have no face-to-face interaction from the commencement of the project till the delivery cycle. However, a communication channel is set up and the progress is monitored on a daily (work days) basis.

Offshore service delivery model is very cost efficient and can be leveraged for quick development ramp and time-to-market. Its value is further amplified when your project is well-planned in advance – it is of a long term nature and could be voluminous. We make it our priority to get a good understanding of your requirements and build a sustainable model for your business and our offshore team integration.

Key Features – Offshore Service Delivery Model

  • Commitment to quality: The objectives of quality must be ingrained within the culture of the company, which is, in turn, passed on to you and ties back to your business objectives.

  • Highly skilled employees: A strong attention to training employees on a company’s quality processes, whether directly or indirectly, can result in a highly cohesive workforce. A rigorous training program can be a catalyst for consistency throughout the company. Having the processes in place to acquire new competencies and stay ahead of the learning curve will be a key asset to you.

  • Responsiveness and flexibility: It is hard to measure the benefits of responsiveness and flexibility and their relationship with quality. It is necessary to support employees with tools in their daily interactions with customers. This will go a long way toward empowering them to respond quickly and provide workarounds to problems in a timely manner.

  • Strong work ethic: Work ethic is supported through our overall attitude toward quality and attention to customer satisfaction.

  • Lower turnover of employees: A strong attention on employees and their training can result in a lowered rate of employee turnover. Lower turnover of employees can contribute to faster completion of projects because many employees will have the accumulated synergies from working together and with you.

  • Robust project management processes: Solid project management expertise and its supporting tools and applications are a critical success factor for the smooth completion of any project. This is important as large, enterprise-wide projects may be composed of multiple sub projects and may involve geographically dispersed resources.

  • Strong communication flow: An integrated quality system is the continuous monitoring of current projects. Customer visibility tools allow you to keep track of a project’s progress, particularly when projects are done remotely from your site. It will help to keep the communication flow open and direct, which will assist the meeting of tight project deadlines.

Offshore Service Delivery Model Advantages

  • Billing rates very competitive – advantage of low labor cost that drastically reduces the overall project costs

  • You will get high quality work from our experienced talent pool – Our offshore division has significant experience working for clients from various demographics

  • You will have access to the best possible technology, skilled manpower and equipment, based on your budget

  • 24*7 development facilities in India with State of the art infrastructure – Project is not affected by time-zone difference

  • Secure Physical Environment

  • Web based Project monitoring tools – 24×7 online status reports