We design, build and run a dynamic IT infrastructure that is efficient, scalable and flexible. Our Managed Technology Solutions include:

managed technology solutions

IT organizations are constantly under pressure to perform and respond faster to the needs of their business. IT teams are being challenged to take advantage of new disruptive technologies to deliver new solutions to get work done. Today, IT organizations have more options to meet these needs than ever and their success demands getting current with technology. While IT organizations are expected to do more, at the same time they have to contain costs. This is where we come in – with our Managed Technology Solutions, we can help.

Our expertise allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions that benefit your IT department, business units and workforce. From the data-center to end-user devices, our solutions enable you to evolve and adopt new technologies and transform the economics of your business.

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Our Approach

With a right mix of options to meet the demands of your business, we bring the quality and speed you need to lower your total cost of ownership, increase productivity and improve agility. We pool state-of-the-art assets, extensive expertise and innovation, a disciplined approach and a multi-site delivery methodology to manage your infrastructure environment. This allows us to manage your IT solutions against a business-centric SLA to surpass in-house services, so that you can:

Key Features

We are a single-source provider of end-to-end managed technology solutions. You can take your new technologies to market by utilizing our best-in-class service offerings that are coupled with skill, experience, tools, processes and methodologies. We help identify, install, deploy and manage technology changes and extended IT environments to achieve improved ROI. Some of the key benefits that you will gain by engaging with us are:

  • Industry knowledge and vision

  • Best-in-class technology and integration capabilities

  • Knowledge of your business

  • Collaborative, flexible and phased approach to value

  • Focus on business impact

  • Proven partnership record

Your ExterNetworks Advantage

Partnering with a managed technology solutions provider to ensure your business goals is not a simple process or decision. In evaluating potential partners, you should consider several essential criteria. To make this process easier for you, we have listed a broad set of capabilities, experience, business insights, and executive commitment:

  • Measure value based on planning and requirement of a service – Committed scope and term

  • Service integration delivery model, includes processes and tools – Access to leading expertise, methodologies and tools

  • Assume risk of delivery and operations – Established productivity measures

  • Meet evolving requirements with a broad base of skills, solutions and capabilities – Avoid staffing challenges

  • Predictable low price/cost based on service/outcome – Reduced total cost of ownership

  • Knowledge is documented and transferred – Aligned to Key Performance Indicators

  • Scalability based on business demand – Provide optimum infrastructure

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