Managed Technology Services

What is Managed Technology Services?

Managed Technology Services is the most critical engine to drive any business to success. It is rapidly evolving all the time and the businesses that can strike the right balance between technology innovation and business goals are the ones to earn the competitive edge and get ahead upfront. The investment in infrastructure, expertise, time and management required to maintain the optimal performance of such an engine critical to your success could be complex, time-consuming and costly.

Managed Technology Services is a strategic method for you to improve your operations, cut costs and stay focused. Businesses that make this a part of their process realize increased focus and success with their core business requirements such as expanding market share, building brand, increasing revenues and planning for future growth.

You simply hand off the hassles of technology management and operational responsibility to us; and we take it from there. This way you are able to scale quickly on all fronts. We become your performance assurance and innovation backend for scaling your technological capability. Our MTS delivers complete care for your technology investments through each stage of your entire IT systems lifecycle.

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PROVEN 3-PHASE Approach to Managed Technology Services

Design & Consulting Services

We engage with business heads in your organization to identify requirements and analyze opportunities within your operations. It is critical to accurately tailor a solution that fits your unique needs; the resulting recommendation will fall in any degree within the scope of the available managed services.

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System Integration & Deployment Services

Using a combination of modeled solutions, deployment services, trained and certified engineers and project managers, we help in orchestrating deep-level configurations from start-ups to large enterprises. We manage deployment from inception to post-integration support.

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Managed Technology Solutions

Our managed technology solutions allows you to focus on your Customers, Innovations and Operations. Keeping in view the technology advances, we constantly evaluate your technological capabilities to meet the highest level of end-user demand.

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Managed technology services

Is Managed Technology Services Right for You?

MTS could benefit any business as it provides an operational model with access to highly scaled pool of tools and expertise to keep your IT infrastructure running reliably. So regardless of your size and business, MTS is right for you. Below are three examples of a customer’s consideration for requesting the MTS.

Customer wants to build new revenue stream leveraging IoT & M2M


It is predicted that the market worth for IoT and M2M by 2019 will be $950 billion approximately. The challenges faced by IoT and M2M are – security for all the information available and accessible over Internet, customization of technology, and deployment to new technology. In order to meet all these challenges, organizations must develop cost-effective robust technology with integrating capabilities, so that the connecting devices can run on any type of platform, and thus, help to generate the revenues and profitability. Your ability to respond to these opportunities affects your win rate and how you respond affects your costs.

We collaborate with you to evaluate and propose adoption strategy and roadmap for IoT/M2M. This includes ‘as is’ evaluation of your current assets and processes, concept of solution and rollout strategies, and design of IoT and M2M architecture. Our consulting ability is derived from our vast experience and knowledge of domains that we work on and standard industry processes.

Customer has migrated 300 servers to the public cloud and needs Managed NOC Managed Public Cloud

From our remote Network Operations Center, we deliver 24 hours a day, 365 days a year monitoring of converged technologies, networks, systems and applications for performance and security. By taking advantage of our resources – engineering talent, reporting and customized escalation plans, world-class tool sets, compliance and security expertise – you can leverage our services at a fraction of the cost that is incurred when implemented in-house.

In this scenario, we migrated 300 servers to AWS. We now maintain and monitor Cloud NOC every minute of every hour on critical and non-critical technology so that your operations run smoothly, ensuring around-the-clock, reliable performance, as well as rapid escalation and quick remediation in the event a problem is detected. We go the extra mile by providing service-level customized maintenance programs and on-site maintenance. As an MSP for cloud, we provide multi-vendor support for various cloud computing environments.

Customer is looking to deploy a Wireless LAN and needs Deployment Support

wireless-lanWith the changing technology landscape, the way people use technology changes – more so, the wireless LAN (WLAN). With the explosion of tablets and laptops, there is a huge drain on wireless networks. A lot of people who use tablets mostly rely on Wi-Fi. Users don’t care how it works, they just want it to happen and be able to get connectivity on their devices to be able to use the tools and applications they need. The increasing trend of ‘bring your own device (BYOD)’ into the workplace also has an impact on the network.

In this scenario, we handle the day-to-day management of your wireless network. We keep the WLAN operational and available by monitoring it remotely, 24x7x365, troubleshooting and maintaining it from our Network Operations Center (NOC). We resolve connectivity and configuration issues before they disrupt your business. We manage routine updates and maintenance without distracting your staff. You can keep all the mobility benefits of your WLAN and stay focused on what’s really important to you – your business.

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