Too many businesses pay too much for managed services. If you’re considering using ExterNetworks’ managed services, use our MSP pricing calculator to see how much you would pay for managed services through ExterNetworks.
To calculate your company’s current IT costs, consult our MSP ROI calculator here. By comparing these numbers against what you currently pay, you’ll gain a better understanding of where your money goes, and how much money you can save by changing to a managed services provider like ExterNetworks.

This calculator is only for estimation purposes. Contact our representatives today, via our contact form or by phone, to schedule an appointment for a FREE on-site survey and quote vc.

What Goes Into Your Estimate

To get your managed services pricing estimate, you’ll need tallies of the following things:

  • Servers your company currently has
  • Laptops or other mobile devices
  • Desktop computers
  • Other devices (such as printers, NAS or routers)
  • Antivirus licenses
  • VPN networks
  • Support hours per year (on average)
  • Your company’s Cloud backup size

We multiply the number of each device by [PRICE] for each minute our team spends monitoring and generating alerts for it, on average. The end result is a flat rate for our monitoring services.
For Helpdesk functionality and other on-demand network management, we offer affordable, competitive rates. And in addition to the cutting-edge monitoring, remediation and management services we offer, we may be able to offer your company a discount on its total cost.

The amount the calculator gives you is only an estimate to help you make decisions. For a comprehensive quote, contact us via our form, or reach out to us at [PHONE NUMBER]. We’re happy to give you more information about our consolidated monitoring, remediation and management services, and what they can do for you.


  • The figures provided by this calculator are estimates only. All payment results are estimates, not final calculations.
  • This estimate is for planning purposes, and is binding on neither you nor ExterNetworks.
  • Sales tax may be added into your final cost. Sales tax is not included in this estimate.
  • A traveling fee may be applied to any visits our specialists conduct to your site.
  • Your final, official fees, charge and surcharge will come to you via a quote by an ExterNetworks sales representative, or when your account is billed. These fees may be subject to change.

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