Managed NOC Services

Regardless to the network location,we instantly Detect, Diagnose and
Remediate the network performanceissues to avoid outages.

Your IT staff should focus on critical business issues rather than day-to-day operations.

Managed NOC services use sophisticated tools for network management, reporting, and notifications enabling you to achieve your business goals through strategic operations.

  • Proactively manage and monitor your network without an increase in labor and infrastructure costs.
  • 24x7x365 hassle-free monitoring to help you save more than 30% on setup and maintenance
  • Reduce risks, security issues and downtime with efficient escalation processes.
  • Immediate network issue management



Insight Monitoring

Efficient IT infrastructure management is about predictive and pre-emptive management, rather than problem-finding or troubleshooting after an event. Our proactive Insight Monitoring Service oversees a wide range of technology at varying service levels, resulting in improved and more consistent service quality and stability, reduced cost, and the ability to respond quickly to changes

Up-time Maintenance

Our Up-time Maintenance supports the lifecycle of your assets, facilitates rapid response to incidents and restores failed devices, according to the Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that suit your business requirements.

Up-time Support

At ExterNetworks, we know that any company’s key priority is to maximize up-time and increase productivity. With our best-in-class Up-time Support Service, clients can ensure their organizations remain competitive and agile in the market place, with continued access to a professional support that functions both proactively and reactively. With forward-thinking systems in place to detect possible problems before they occur and built-in reminders for renewals and upgrades.

24 x 7 Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services are among the most important components of efficient IT operations and recording and processing end-user service requests in an effective manner is absolutely critical. To ensure continuous coverage day and night, we provide all clients access to our 24×7 Help Desk Services, with a team of trained experts on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide continued peace of mind.

The state of your network operations defines the state of your business. Once your network is up and running, a Network Operations Center (NOC) becomes an extension of your operations. Thus, Managed NOC Services inadvertently becomes a powerful business tool for managing your environment, while protecting your brand and reputation.

We provide your company a seamless experience of owning a Managed NOC Services – without actually having to invest into one yourself.

All our server and service monitoring is carried out through our state-of-the-art NOC. Our Managed NOC Services is designed to work as an extension of your IT infrastructure. We will work with your current tools to ensure that your services are not interrupted during the transition.

Our Managed NOC Services provides 24x7x365 unmatched technical support and expertise. By handling more than 90% of routine tickets, our NOC shares the labor-intensive responsibility of your business to save costs, allowing you to focus on projects that have more business value.

Running 24x7x365 operations and with more than 500 NOC certified, experienced engineers, we carefully monitor and maintain network devices, enterprise servers, databases and applications that may either by hosted with your hosting provider or housed in your company.

In short, if there is any anomaly in infrastructure, health, security, and capacity, we work tirelessly to provide you with the optimal network performance all the time.

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