Managed NOC Services

Regardless to the network location,we instantly Detect, Diagnose and Remediate the network performance issues to avoid outages.

ExterNetworks’ managed NOC services effectively monitor tens and thousands of network devices, and ensure each of them are functioning perfectly for secure and reliable infrastructure.

Our proven custom and intuitive network monitoring solution instantly pinpoints slow and failing network components, do diagnose, and remediate the issue in one go.

A Project scooping questionnaire helps in determining list of specific network operations and management goals, functions, deliverables, and deal line.



Learn how ExterNetworks’ Scalable NOC services deliver advanced and incomparable Network uptime.

Reduce Outages with Predictive Insights

ExterNetworks' network operations center uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence system consistently helps our NOC engineers with early problem detection information to find issues in amid functioning devices and applications before the issues impact business continuity.

Ready to Scale

We offer a comprehensive network management solution which is any day scalable with no minimal requirement. Also, we offer a customized package to clients which covers just incidents alerts, or NOC and Help desk Tier1 to Tier3 support, or comprehensive network management services.

More Featured Benefits

Network Bandwidth Optimization and Latency Issue Resolution

Our advanced network monitoring solution uses a DEEP packet analysis method to filter packets and understand the source of your network’s traffic. This allows us to get to the root of what is causing any network latency, as well as the source of glitches in application performance and network security.

Comprehensive Reporting

At ExterNetworks, we offer in-depth enterprise infrastructure monitoring reports, which provide your network managers with a helpful summary of network performance and hardware-health insights. With our comprehensive reports, managers can instantly quantify the number of failing devices, or determine which poor performing elements need their attention most.

Advanced Techniques to Block
Rogue Devices and IPs

Network management processes are not always able to detect rogue devices that parade as authorized network elements and attack with passive cross-site scripting (XSS). However, at ExterNetworks’ NOC centre, we actively scan every new device that tries to interloop through SNMP protocol and open ports, and thus are able to monitor any suspicious activity to ensure the security of your networks.

Hardware Insights

We provide actionable hardware insights that help network managers stay aware of the consistency in hardware performance and allow them to know which weak or failing devices need instant replacement.

Unrivaled Efficiency

Our NOC engineers proactively monitor networks 365 days a year and improve your network’s performance, all without increasing your labor or infrastructure costs.

Round-the-Clock Network Security

Our experienced security analysts provide network monitoring 24/7 in order to prevent advanced cyber-attacks and reduce and manage the real risk of threat.

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