Managed Network ServicesManaged Network Services consists of building robust networks or setting up a simple network that can support your organization in this rapidly advancing technology age which presents many challenges. Even more critical is keeping your network running at optimal performance to support the increasingly demanding service levels needed to support a winning business operation.

Managed Network Services focuses on fool-proofing your network for 100% service availability, resilience, and ability to scale at high performance with the support of a Managed Services Provider. Using sophisticated monitoring and management tools, diverse technical expertise and refined processes, MNS ensures that your Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), all the attached devices and technology configuration in your network infrastructure is proactively monitored and managed.

Managed Network Services is providing businesses with economic advantages and is strategically effective in helping businesses focus on their core. Let us remove the operational burden, so you can streamline your business growth plan.

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When is Managed Network Services right for you?

Regardless of the size of your operations, Managed Network Services is critical to help you worry less about technology operations and focus on viable business matters. The benchmark threshold is as basic as you having a business that uses the Internet or another form of private network connectivity, router(s) or switches, server(s), storage and devices interconnected for the purpose of processing and communicating important business information. Here are some examples of how customers have used Managed Network Services:

  • A business that is going through a transition period is faced with the need to re-evaluate its current network infrastructure. It is faced with making the best decision based on its current network system, new capacity demands and a plethora of new technology options available. It is faced with the challenge of navigating through the complexity of all the technology options and coming up with a design that simplifies its operations and maximizes network performance. This company can save costly and time-consuming research by leveraging ExterNetworks Design & Consulting Services as part of its Managed Network Solution

  • When you are looking to deploy the best-of-breed network infrastructure that pulls together your legacy systems, new network technologies and devices into a seamless operational fabric. An example of a business looking to maintain a fixed Gigabit Private WAN that is seamlessly connected with the Wireless LAN technologies of your attached branch offices. You will be faced with the challenge of integrating different network technologies and multiple vendor equipment. Your business will benefit from a Managed Network Solution that provides you with a limitless pool of engineering resources to deliver the most reliable Systems Integration and Deployment services for your network

  • When you are seriously thinking about focusing on your growth markets and increasing the range or service levels of your offerings to meet customer demands and stay ahead of the competition. And you want to maintain a high performing network to scale – without worrying about lack of skill; having access to cutting-edge tools and dedicated resources to constantly monitor and mitigate security threats; with proactive monitoring and management of network issues – you can attain 100% uptime by leveraging handing off these tasks to ExterNetworks. Take advantage of our Managed Network Services

ExterNetworks Value Proposition

  • Extensive engineering and over 15 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing network infrastructure and services. We are currently partnered with the major telecommunications carriers in the US and are intimately familiar with all their technology offerings and fault resolution procedures.

  • Proactive monitoring and management. We start to fix any issue on your network before you know it. We work all issues through full resolution.

  • 15 Minutes for fault identification and notification. We will detect all network impacting issues and notify you within the first 15 minutes of them occurring.

  • Flexible commercial models.We provide options that will guarantee an alignment that meets your business needs.

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