The demand for Managed Mobility Services has increased, also Wireless and Mobile has changed the way people use technology, With the explosion of tablets, smartphones, and more and more people bringing their own devices to work (BYOD), your employees rely on Wi-Fi to get connected and to use tools and applications they need.

Enterprises, public venues and SMBs are all looking for wireless and mobile services to address the business need since it is rapidly becoming a utility. Also, due to the constantly changing technology standards for implementing the wireless capabilities, Businesses must invest in – training resources to stay up-to-date, constantly upgrade their equipment and use various tools and methodologies to ensure business continuity.

Research states that 60% of IT Managers believe smart devices have helped in productivity, however 56% businesses have noticed performance dip of applications due to increase in bandwidth usage. Understanding the growing case for better wireless and mobility management, many business are relying on the services of an MSP in full or part to meet their requirements.

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Managed Mobility Services-Our Approach

Our Managed Wireless and Mobility solutions assist you to mobilize your business rapidly by reducing complexity, time to set-up, and infrastructure costs. You can rely on our broad industry expertise to benefit from a faster time-to-market, increased value, diminished risk, and much more.

  • Quickly implement and deploy your solution that has augmented security and controls

  • Our flexible infrastructure allows you to strategically scale your IT resources as necessary

  • Our advanced reporting tools provide you a comprehensive report for operational visibility

Our Benefits

With the rollout of new wireless standards and the broad changes that are involved, wireless networks that are only a few years old become obsolete – your organization may not be positioned to handle a total system overhaul. Managed Technology Solutions may be the answer to your problem – providing professional network management without the expense of hiring additional staff or equipment. Skilled services can be administered remotely freeing your in-house staff for traditional requirements. A managed service model is highly dependent on your specific business goals. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Reduce your operational expenses by integrating your networks

  • Enable you your IT staff to focus on core business tasks

  • Optimize technology performance by maximizing up time and availability

  • Keep your technology and applications up-to-date

  • Offer better predictability and control on IT costs

Your ExterNetworks Advantage

If your goals match to any of these, you may want to consider managed technology services for your wireless, voice and video, and mobility services that your organization depends on. A Forrester Research report found that 68% of businesses have contracted a MSP for at least some of their communication and network support – while more than half of them adopted in the past five years. We can identify your requirements and determine an optimal strategy to meet them. Some of our best practices include:

  • Support a wide variety of devices and wireless endpoints

  • Enable employees to share and collaborate more easily while on the move

  • Heighten security and device posture

  • Simplify the management of complex multi-vendor environments

  • Promote higher efficiency

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