hybrid-service-deliveryWe continue to meet and serve the growing demands of the IT services market by innovatively blending our Hybrid Service Delivery Model, onshore and offshore services. This blended service delivery model offers seamless, around-the-clock-service by coordinating with onshore and offshore teams. Clients also get adaptive pricing for resources to fit into their specific project requirements. Our onshore center offers services to clients who prefer not to outsource particular type of work while we continue to provide more routine and commoditized services to our client base in North America, Europe, U.A.E and other countries from our offshore development center. The distribution of work entirely depends on our client’s needs and specifications. Usually, 20-30% of development activity and 100% project management is done onshore and the offshore team manages the rest.

Onsite activity

  • Gather and understand project specifications and requirements through direct interaction

  • Create a project plan and initial design by collaborating with the client’s team

  • Discuss the project plan and design with clients and get a project signoff

  • Execute/Implement the project by allocating tasks to onsite and offshore resources

  • Communicate project progress to the client and manage partnership

  • Conduct status meetings and liaison between the client and the offshore team.

Onshore activity

  • Collect project related specifications and requirements

  • Analyze the collected specifications of the project

  • Create a project plan, initial design and get a signoff

  • Communicate the project specifications to the offshore center

  • Interact with the client on a regular basis via status meetings

  • Ensure on-time delivery

  • Manage implementation and maintenance

Offshore activity

  • Understand the specifications and discuss the detailed design

  • Responsible for the progress of the project

  • Ensure that the outcome matches to the specifications given by the client

  • Crucial and continuous support to the onsite/onshore center

Our Hybrid Service Delivery Model Advantages

  • Directly interact with the client through the onsite center. Reduces communication gap

  • 24/7- work cycle is achieved by making the best possible use of the time-zone difference

  • Achieve cost savings by strategically outsourcing work to the offshore team where the resources are comparatively cheaper

  • Effective and efficient use of resources can be achieved with this model

  • Quick turnaround time to accommodate and deliver changes