enterprise-application-integration-servicesFocusing on the Enterprise’s needs we provide Enterprise Application Integration Services to maintain seamlessly operating applications at optimal cost and performance we have built a practice that enables the integration of new technology, legacy systems, cross platforms, and multi-technology in a solution that to fuels viable innovation investment for your business. Drawing on experience from various engagements to build and integrate business applications, we have developed end-to-end solutions that are operationally efficient, highly effective, agile and flexible across various technology platforms.

We leverage the expertise from our full scope of service offerings – design to deployment – management to maintenance, to provide an integrated environment for our clients. This helps to increase speed of implementation, continuous improvements, reliability, visibility and predictability, and reduce costs and risks.

Key Features – Enterprise Application Integration Services

  • Enterprise Architecture Integration: We enable integration of robust systems and applications using our integration framework techniques. These techniques link your enterprise applications with minimal changes, so that your business users can access a unified front-end interface instead of a cluster of applications.

  • Service Oriented Architecture – SOA: The Lifecycle Implementation Methodology helps organizations architect their applications; integrate functionalities from existing/new applications. This enables the re-facing of your applications and systems to meet current and future business needs with significant cost savings.

  • Business Process Integration: As technology matures and gains acceptance, intelligent business process management is still poised for a widespread adoption. Relying on the best practices of Business Process Modelling and Change Management, we deliver intelligent business process integration for your existing processes.

  • Tools, Frameworks, Customization: You can choose from our range of in-house tools, leading technology frameworks, and custom application development to build an efficient and streamlined software system without risks. We can quickly develop and deploy, compliant interfaces and empower business users to monitor and troubleshoot processing issues.

  • Continuous Integrations: We embrace the practice of continuous integrations in Agile and DevOps development environments to make your complex systems manageable. This modularization approach reduces the risk of huge code check-ins and creates well-tested versions of your software. We setup the infrastructure and implement a continuous integration environment, employ tools to manage, monitor, and verify builds for your application development.

Your ExterNetworks Advantage

Our Enterprise application integration services help you to bridge gaps between your software applications, thereby enabling data flow from one applications to another and providing interfaces to manage the flow of data. We allow you to realize the full benefit of your software investments.

  • Create information sharing between separate software applications within your company as well as from outside. The data collection efforts are consolidated, thus eliminating redundancies. This provides you a single point of access to the data you need. Your employees will spend less time searching and they get up-to-date data, which enables collaboration between various departments in your organization.

  • We help you streamline processes to support activity from multiple software applications. This can be coupled with an analytics package to measure the success of your marketing campaigns. Also, it helps you to invest resources where they are most effective.

  • We enable use of new technologies effectively and reduce the learning curve. Our services will ensure that your existing systems function smoothly. We help you to overcome the roadblock of IT complexity by combining information and functionality of various applications into a single user-friendly interface

  • Our enterprise application integration services provide increased agility for your organizations to quickly recognize and respond to opportunities. These applications help you to address shifts in the market, supply chain disruptions and more – to make your investments more profitable.

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