DevOps ServicesExterNetworks, are DevOps services providers for development teams and businesses who run or want to migrate their applications to the cloud. We set up your cloud environment by closely working with your in-house developers and architects. By leveraging our skills and expertise in offering managed technology services for the cloud, we ensure that your systems perform optimally and are available at all times.

You will benefit in the form of a more secure setup along with faster deployment of your applications changes. This will allow you to focus on your business rather than operational complexities. Our highly skilled Managed Cloud Services team is more than just skill and expertise; we are keen to go beyond products and implementation – we are about collaboration too.

Key Features – DevOps Services

  • Assessment and Benchmarking – We assess your current setup, identify your DevOps maturity, and customize an adoption roadmap.

  • Collaborative Development – In this configurable and transparent application development service, you gain access to our tools, API services and domain experts.

  • Continuous Testing & Quality Assurance – We engage highly skilled testers to deliver automated testing workflows and get feedback from mobile end users on applications from idea through production.

  • Continuous Release and Deployment – Our solutions ensure that you receive push-button and error free deployments

  • Continuous Monitoring – Our automated and optimized infrastructure monitoring solutions allow you to manage application performance and availability

  • Collaborative Lifecycle Management – Reduce your project costs by leveraging a managed virtual private cloud environment to deploy Collaborative Lifecycle Management with 24×7 monitoring and support

  • Multi-cloud Deployment – Design, deploy and update your environments stack on multiple cloud platforms

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