devop-implementation-servicesTime-to-market or Ready-for-use of your software applications is an increasing business necessity if you need to keep pace with technology innovation and the proliferation of different user access mediums and mode of use. This means you need your DevOps Implementation Services and Operations teams to work in parallel and integrate their methodologies to turn out quality software releases more quickly and efficiently to ensure continuous delivery.

DevOps Implementation Services is increasingly adopted by a large number of enterprises looking to maintain a high-performing release cycle of reliable applications. It fits well with the agile software development methodology that most of enterprises have come to rely on to speed up their software development.

Our DevOps Implementation Services provides you with full professional capabilities along with proven processes and tools for the best DevOps solution output. We can do it all for you in an outsourced model or work as an integral part of your Development and Operations teams. In the later, we typically bring expediency by being the integration catalyst with the tools to facilitate speedy collaboration that produces immediate results.

Key Features – DevOps Implementation Services

  • Develop, build, test and deploy software across a variety of cloud environments including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Openstack, along with other on-premise cloud environments

  • Manage services, projects, extended teams and staff augmentation using an onshore/offshore model

  • Train engineers and teams in DevOps tools, methods and support procedures

Your ExterNetworks Advantage

  • You get access to the best DevOps tools, flows and technologies used for software development. Our proven tools, flows, environments and expertise for large and small enterprises to quickly set up highly productive DevOps environment.

  • Automation of your development and release environments and assurance that the QA, test and release processes are predictable, standardized, efficient and secure.

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