Software Applications have always been the richest source of business value to every organization in today’s Global Market. With innovations and advances in enabling technology — especially Cloud and Mobility — Software applications hold even greater potential for delivering additional value to customers. With our Custom Application Design Services and Custom Application Development services we can help you transform your individual applications or entire portfolio to take full business advantage of these innovations and advances.

Key Features – Custom Application Design

We develop customized applications on a number of platforms – build meaningful, fit-for-purpose, and differentiating applications and support your key business processes. Built on a wealth of industry expertise and industry-aligned processes, as well as our experience across a broad range of technologies and platforms – our Application Development Services harness best practices to build solutions to fit your requirements. Our key drivers include:

  • Design and develop new applications to support new endeavors

  • Improve responsiveness to business demands and time-to-market

  • Expertise in revising current applications to accommodate changes to dynamic business trends and processes in the Global Market

  • Leverage emerging technologies to enhance capabilities and improve interfaces

  • Enable rapid development using new methodologies and accelerators

  • Work to reduce capital expenditure

Your ExterNetworks Advantage – Our Key Development Practices

We support all phases of the application development lifecycle – setting application vision and platform strategy through design, testing and deployment. This comprehensive industrialized delivery model and factory approach in our custom application design services assures you of a cost-effective and an end-to-end solution that will drive results and strengthen your business. Some of the key development practices that we follow include:

  • Rapid Initiation: Highly skilled resources jumpstart an initiative while a longer-term team is assembled

  • Concurrent Development: Our Globally Distributed Development methodology develops aspects of your initiative concurrently instead of sequentially

  • Continuous Integration: We accelerate the adoption of agile development processes to ensure error detection very early in the development phase.

  • Automated Deployment: We use pre-integrated best-in-class open source tools and products

  • Consistent Quality: We ensure consistent quality across all projects

Technology Stack

  • Version Control repositories: SVN, Perforce, IBM ClearCase and TFS

  • Application lifecycle management tools: Tuleap, Rally, Jira, TFS and IBM Rational Solution

  • Continuous integration and deployment tools: Jenkin, Anthillpro and Cruise Control

  • QA testing tools: Quality Center and Rational functional tester

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