Contract-to-Hire-Staffing-ServiceThrough our Contract-To-Hire Staffing Services, we preview a candidate’s on-the-job performance during the probation period before you hire the candidate permanently. This service allows you to mitigate employment risk by letting us personally hand pick and pre-screen individual candidates before they enter your doors. All ExterNetworks employees undergo stringent background and credential checks, which we apply to your potential candidates, assuring that you receive only the very best individuals with verified qualifications and proven experience.

Our best-in-class Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services provide clients with the flexibility to hire on an ‘as-needed’ basis, for long-term or short-term assignments, enabling them to cater to huge demands with ease, while ensuring maximum productivity in the workplace. ExterNetworks has been securing the very best individuals on contract-based and contingent placements since the day its operations began. To date, we have successfully placed thousands of qualified professionals across the globe in engagements of varying length.

Finding the right employees when you need them can be the difference between success and failure. At ExterNetworks, we realize how critical this is and excel in expeditiously tracking down the right candidates for your company. Hiring in today’s dynamic market place, managers have an overwhelming variety of sources from which to seek out potential talent.

Selecting, interviewing, screening and verifying the credentials of all these candidates can be a laborious process, and significantly delay the execution of business initiatives, affecting your company’s market agility. With our help, you can strengthen competitive performance by shrinking this protracted process and improving deployment efficiency. We take away the responsibility, time and dedication required to successfully recruit the best talent, while reducing the ‘cost of hire’ and ensuring your company’s productivity remains at optimum output.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services provides clients with the freedom to manage their HR requirements according to their demands, affording them to pilot new projects and test sustainability before making a full-time hiring commitment. Our clients have come to trust us as a proven provider of key professionals, many of whom have since been converted into valuable full-time team members. When choosing ExterNetworks as your staff augmentation partner, you will not only save on precious time but also be assured of utmost professionalism and quality at all times.

Our Value Proposition- Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services

  • We provide you the best candidate to meet your requirements for a specific project or assignment, according to your needs.

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