Contingent-Staffing-ServicesMost organizations are grappling with issues such as volatile market demand, increased government regulation, budgetary constraints, and shorter deadlines. ExterNetworks can help you resolve these issues by providing you with an agile and flexible workforce to run your operations smoothly. Our contingent staffing services enable employers to hire a candidate on a contingent basis just for a specific project or assignment.

Our best-in-class contingent staffing services provide clients with the flexibility to hire on an ‘as-needed’ basis, for long-term or short-term assignments, enabling them to cater to huge demands with ease, while ensuring maximum productivity in the workplace. ExterNetworks has been securing the very best individuals on contract-based and contingent placements since the day its operations began. To date, we have successfully placed thousands of qualified professionals across the globe in engagements of varying length.

To secure high caliber, motivated and qualified candidates that will invest as much effort into a short-term assignment as a long-term one requires a solid understanding of local trends, positive branding, experience, and a flexible approach. Over the years, ExterNetworks has emerged as an industry leader in contingent staffing services, short-term staff augmentation, and can provide you the right candidate for the job at any location, any time, allowing you to focus on your core business.

We have the proven capability and expertise to handle all your contingent staffing needs, and adhere to an extensive and thorough approach, which includes pre-vetting and interviewing of candidates, validation of their claimed credentials and skillsets, short-listing, reference checks, legal compliance, and more. We understand how to motivate short-term employees by educating them about the benefits of contract placements, so that we deliver you an ideal workforce that is cost-effective and ready to hit the ground running from day one.

Our team of experts can assist you with staffing for any project size, regardless of the scope or complexity, including highly specialized and time-sensitive assignments.

Our Value Proposition – Contingent Staffing Services

  • We provide you the best candidate to meet your requirements for a specific project or assignment, according to your needs.

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