Cloud-Application-DevelopmentThe complexity-challenge of cloud application design services is the unprecedented level of connectivity and dependency of various levels of infrastructure. We understand that speed and flexibility must be delivered to customers using imaginative ways along with the design of your operations. Cloud application design services must be less expensive and more effective by leveraging cloud computing, particularly, software-as-a-service (SaaS). The key enabler of better service delivery and increased value in the current business landscape is the deployment of network-based applications that are flexible in a shared IT environment. This model of development offers immense advantages over the traditional application deployment models along with cost efficiencies of development and maintenance.

However, developing cloud-based applications requires unique approaches that transforms the business and technology landscape. At ExterNetworks, we deliver Cloud application design services on the promise of reliable cloud applications custom-built from architecture through deployment to ongoing maintenance. It is our goal to maintain the trust of ISVs and enterprises who have come to rely on our extensive experience and expertise of application delivery. Let us start working with you today to develop your innovative cloud application or gain efficiencies by migrating legacy applications to the cloud. For migration of legacy applications to the cloud, we leverage our product development genealogy using .Net, JEE and LAMP technologies.

Key Features – Cloud Application Design Services

  • Careful assessment and planning for security, scalability, capacity and integration of on-premise or other cloud applications

  • Robust and efficient architecture for a single instance of application to support multiple clients while maintaining high service levels

  • Develop applications to leverage virtualized environments by efficiently making use of the available resources

  • Ability for customers to be able to subscribe, modify and access cloud application functions that significantly reduce operational expenditure and increase user experience

  • Pay-per-use model that provides flexibility and reduces capital expenses. Therefore, application functions are created to monitor and charge the usage

  • Ability for customer to be able to access applications on the device of their choice. Internet delivery of these applications steers the design of applications delivered

  • Applications designed to protect sensitive data, monitor access, and comply with regulations. Facilitates security that alleviates the common challenges of security and privacy created by shared IT environments

  • Uses Internet Technologies – Service is delivered using Internet identifiers, formats and protocols, such as URLs, HTTP, IP and representational state transfer Web-oriented architecture

  • Service-Based: Consumer concerns are abstracted from provider concerns through service interfaces that are well-defined. The interfaces hide the implementation details and enables a completely automated response by the provider of the service to the consumer of the service.

  • Scalable and Elastic: Service can scale up or down as the consumer demands at the speed of full automation (which may be seconds for some services and hours for others). Elasticity is a trait of shared pools of resources. Scalability is a feature of the underlying infrastructure and software platforms. Elasticity is associated with not only scale but also an economic model that enables scaling in both directions in an automated fashion. This means that services scale on demand to add or remove resources as needed.

Your ExterNetworks Advantage

Since all business needs are not the same, we work hand-in-hand to tailor your cloud applications. You can engage with us at any stage of the development process and customize our services that fits your bill. We will work in collaboration to complement your in-house resources and skills to build applications that leverages the benefits of cloud. We stand ready to ensure the greatest value to your cloud investment.

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