application-development-servicesBusiness applications that are robust must be sophisticated, scalable and extensible. You can leverage our years of experience and expertise in research, development, prototyping, modification, and other related activities that result in creating or enhancing your software applications portfolio. As an Application development service providers we broadly include the following tasks:

Key Features – Application Development Services Suite

Our range of application development services include:

  • Design, Development, and Implementation: We align our service offerings to a 3-phase approach (link to landing page of Design & Consulting, Service Integration and Managed Technology Solutions) to build new applications. This approach is tailored to address your evolving business and technology needs. The goal is to ensure speedy adoption, high productivity and increased ROI. We involve our User Experience (UX) team in every step of this process to ensure that your users experience the best-in-class user-centric applications.

  • Modernization, Performance and Enhancement tuning: Legacy systems must be modernized to adapt to the rapidly evolving nature of technology. We deliver the necessary expertise to address issues in your legacy systems such as less compatibility across multiple technology platforms, higher cost of maintenance, unavailability of skilled resources, lack of support for outdated systems, failed integrations, web-enabling, re-engineering and componentization.

Your ExterNetworks Advantage

Our ADSS team combines mature processes and best-in-class expertise to build applications to drive business transformation and optimize development costs.

  • Minimize capital expenditure by eliminate investment in fixed infrastructure

  • Save on personal, training, and operating costs and redirect internal resources to focus on the core business and mission-critical projects

  • Free the executive team from day-to-day process problems and shift focus from operations to strategic thinking, process reengineering, and innovation

  • Minimize the impact of rapid technological changes without changing infrastructure

  • Get access to specialized project management and consultation skills and reduce peak staffing problems

  • Improve speed and service availability to accelerate time-to-market

  • Increase efficiency by consolidating and centralizing functions and reduce the overall management burden while controlling strategic decision making

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